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Real estate credit insurance and compulsory consumer loan

When you take out a loan, the bank requires you to take out insurance to cover health risks. Even if it is primarily an obligation of the lender, know that the French legislation protects the borrower and allows him to freely choose his contract. Group or delegation? The group contract The risks are shared, the insured paying the same rate regardless of their age. The formula is rather interesting for people over 45 years old. For the others the rates must be compared with an external delegation, whose principle is based on an individual pricing . The group contract has 2

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The loan insurance delegation of real estate

The loan insurance delegation - if it is authorized by your banker - is part of the guarantees required when you take out a loan. Indeed, the lending organization has a policy of taking a number of precautions. He will first make sure that your income is sufficient (debt ratio limited to 33% of your salary), take a guarantee on the property in case of non-payment of the deadlines (mortgage, registration lender of money or mutual guarantee) and ask you to take out insurance covering the risks of death, disability and disability. It is advisable to talk about the possibility